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    Number Sense

    Introduction What are preschool children learning about numbers? Young children begin to practice the skills needed for arithmetic and math far before they enter elementary school. Most of these skills are developed through their self-initiated play with materials and through simple interactions with adults. Young children learn counting skills through everyday interactions such as putting […]

    Language Development & Literacy

    Introduction How do children learn language and begin to understand reading and writing?? Around 3 years old, most children are able to communicate their ideas and feelings, ask and answer questions, and understand what is said to them. They are able to talk about things that happened in the past and that will happen in […]

    Social-Emotional Development

    Introduction What is my child learning about themselves and their feelings? Your four-year-old is enthusiastic about doing things herself. She may refuse your help, even if she is struggling and frustrated. She has lots of ways to describe herself and her skills. “I’m four now!” “I’m bigger.” “I like to draw.” “I know how to […]